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My grandfather's workshop was impeccably organized with dozens of small metal canisters, reused glass spice jars, wooden cedar cigar boxes repurposed neatly in every crevice of his drawers and shelves.  The hours I spent exploring was an invaluable life-long lesson.  This generation forged the narrow path to survive the strain of the Great Depression, then the tight conservation of the war.  


Everything had a purpose.  Everything he created had to withstand unexpected storms ahead, and bring income to support the families' invested in his company's success.   


These lasting principles continue to inspire and influence our design methodology today.


Clean, distinguished, practical design elements pierce through the noise and cacophony in today's world.  "Faster" - the sooner forgotten.  "Louder" gets drowned in the cacophony of noise.


Accorsi Studios branding, encapsulates our contemporary strategy. We institute a vigorous design strategy for all of our projects.  Our films are scripted and storyboarded as every major Hollywood film would be structured.  Messaging has to be done accurately and right, or it just won't lead the competition. 


My grandfather's 1950s truck, (although his was Emerald green) says:


  • In route to fix something broken

  • Respectful, yet roars through town

  • Dependable - willing to put in an honest day's work 



In 1937, my grandfather Ernest Accorsi, Sr. opened Triple Distributors:  a beer delivery and distributor business in Hershey, Pennsylvania.  Disheartened with the mistreatment of fellow laborers in the 1937 Chocolate Workers Strike at the Hershey Chocolate Factory, he ventured on his own to build a business to create a future for himself and his family. 


Triple Distributors.JPG


The simplicity, practicality of this truck design transmits a great deal without saying much.  It seems like every car and product today has normalized themselves into a mass of edgy, plastic anonymous designs.  The 1950s Chevy Trucks were friendly, yet hardworking, a bit obnoxious and clanky, but simply and clean.  The crimson color was chosen to provide some attention getting color against the vast white space and clean dark grey font.  

New Logo.png


Typefaces from the past capture our attention.  Read of something timeless, classic, yet possessing the sophistication and give weight in today's business climate. 































Truck Sketch.png

A rough, more playful sketch of the red truck is more practical and useful as a standalone icon.  Red is more potent against white and black than other colors.  My grandfather's truck was Emerald green.  Red gives the icon life, joy, and vibrancy.  We will brand the truck sketch for apparel and social media use.  


Instagram Logo.jpg

Accorsi Studios is a premiere professional film and graphic design company in Capitola, California.  We specialized in corporate branding, advertising, social media, marketing, graphic design, prints, merchandise, film, filmography, cinematic, video production, and editing.  We also create fine art work in oil, watercolor, sketch, and other mixed media.  We have worked with a number of recognized clients in corporate world, focusing on food, kitchen, chef, motorsports, racing, events, music, content to bolster your marketing strategies.  

Red Truck Design Perimeters.png

Our 2019 rebranding layout is available in a sharp print available for purchase. 

Accorsi Studios 2019 Rebrand Poster-01.p
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