Michael is owner and creator of Accorsi Studios, currently working in Hershey, Pennsylvania.  Founded in 2009, Accorsi Studios produces independent and commercial film and design projects.  


Michael’s short film Gioia e Solidarieta’ (Joy and Togetherness) won best short film at the 2021 Venus International Film Festival and finished a featured run at The Hershey Story Museum.  Michael served as the onset stills photographer as well as a brief acting role for film Life After You.


Michael wrote a full-length screenplay Granada Tigers, a film based on a true group of Italian boys whose adventures lead them to clash with a group of rural boys.  The screenplay is currently in distribution. 


Since 1996, Michael has been practicing and chronicling the recipes of his Italian grandmother Mary in a cookbook titled Pieno di Grazia (Full of Grace).  Stemming from over 150 years of family recipes, Pieno di Grazia is the story of how his family’s culinary influences from Pitigliano, Italy laid the foundation for generations of family in Hershey, Pennsylvania. 


Michael works in the Consumer Insights and Marketing Department at The Hershey Company, has worked in sales at Troegs Independent Brewery and on film projects with The Kitchens at eBay with Chef Dylan France.

"We are deeply invested in the success of the businesses we align with and believe everything we create should be authentic, bold, and meaningful." 

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We are currently working on projects in Hershey, Pennsylvania and Philadelphia area.  We produce videos and films for top companies and businesses.  Marketing, social media content, strategy and inbound.