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Talk with a doctor today. He had to drive to Hershey from Brooklyn to clear his mind while he drove in his car. He needed someone to talk to. I was losing faith in humankind. Lack of compassion, response by officials, misinformed population of Trump followers. Good man. It's okay-to fall down. It's inevitable then your soul responds by climbing up.


April 18th 2020


 war is peace.


 Freedom is slavery.


 Ignorance is strength.


 there is a Ministry of Truth hard at work in this nation


 people who lack critical thinking or falling vulnerable to a new virus -  fiction.


 If you are narrow the range of thought true fear, lies, and false enemies oh, you can make crimes in broad daylight possible. Pressing people into factions as Madison stated factions will destroy a democracy.


 taking photographs is a way to Archive these moments. Focus and cherish Beauty. More so, to capture a thread of a story. I am currently in Central Pennsylvania. There are a lot of people not wearing masks. People urging Pennsylvania to reopen! It is April! The numbers of infected people will Skyrocket! There is a considerable population of horrific Lee informed an emotionally-charged people refusing to work with one another.


 I am going to document these flags because it is a shock to the soul that there is so much preventable loss.   It is  flying in the face of  what it means to live.


 April 9th: our country is leaving the World Health Organization. Not sure if there is any leadership to combat this virus.


 such an honest moment. Selfishness is in the open. Feats of Strength and togetherness are also here. Just have to look for them. I just try to help people who are older, vulnerable, and Afraid.


 May 15th 2020



 Drove to see a military flyover for First Responders today


 there was a military flyover for the First Responders today.

 Very emotional moment as in Hershey Pennsylvania Penn State Hospital is a big employer for so many people. These nurses and doctors have been  hit so hard by this crisis.


April 4th 2020



 hopefully we can emerge from this with a healthy respect for our common Humanity.

 stay upbeat.

 Small businesses and communities are all we have.


 so lost. So sad. I have nowhere to go.

 I'm sitting in my truck so on certain of what will happen next.


 the stress of this pandemic has brought out the worst and so many people. Having gone through so many catastrophes-they all seem to bring the community together. This is just deteriorative.  I'm seemingly surrounded by people with anxiety during this crisis. It takes all that I have just to be pleasant about life.   I don't live this way I don't look at life this way.


 don't know what else to do but remove myself from them.




 death is at your doorstep and it will steal your innocence but it will not steal your substance.

 But you are not alone in this. And you are not alone in this. As brothers we will stand and we'll hold your hand.

 And you have your choices. And these are what make man great. His ladder to the Stars. Tim Shell written by Mumford & Sons


 June 22nd 2020

 loneliness is just taking its toll.

 It's so hot out.
Life can't feel so a drift-so lost. I'm happy.

 But just keep hoping some goodness exists where we will get out of this. 


The world is less gentile.

 I tremble thinking if I were 80 or 90 years old how cruel the world would look today. Juxtaposed against the memories of a better past.


 we have local businesses refusing to comply with State mandates.

 Just a fundamental Detachment from reality. This virus is ripping through this country. The US is leading Global populations with 1/4 of the US population.   For what?

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