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This project is the culmination of the life dreams of two motorcyclists to build a Harley-Davidson off-road motorcycle to race in the Baja 1000.  In addition to the race, there is a suspenseful twist added to the project that will make this a once in a lifetime adventure.  


We are teaming with industry leaders and investors to create financial viability through the phases of this endeavor.  There are several avenues to support the project:


  • Financial or product support through the construction of the motorcycle 

  • Advertise your company as a sponsor of the film project 

  • Financial or product support for the Baja 1000 Race Team


We are grateful to have your support as this project comes together.   Please contact us directly to discuss a plan to support our project. or give us a call 408-337-2468.   Thank you.  

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Jim Carducci

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With 38 years of experience in mechanical systems design engineering in the aeronautical and semiconductor industries, Carducci brings the unique blend of mastery of motorcycle design and fabrication along with being a talented off-road motorcyclist himself.   The motorcycle, the Carducci SC3 Gera Baja edition will be available to purchase through Carducci Dual sport in 2019.  

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Tony Gera

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One of the most exciting motorcycle racers in the U.S. not only will be piloting the SC3 Gera Baja motorcycle, but has been a formative influence in its engineering as well.  Gera, 2017 Baja 1000 Pro Ironman Champion competes in the Pro Ironman class, competes the entire 1000km of the race alone, with little support, and no rest or break along the race.   If Tony Gera approves your product or builds something to go on a bike, it is meant to last. 

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Michael Accorsi

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Filmmaker Michael Accorsi has been filming and documenting motorcycle racing for many years.  Creating cinematic films in motorcycle racing, automotive and classic cars, adventure sports, and corporate commercial work, Accorsi brings the creative talent to capture this amazing story as it unfolds.  

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