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Teach your kids to be punks

Last night I went to a Turnstile show. It rejuvenated long forgotten memories from the 1980s Washington, D.C. and Baltimore punk scene.

So many great musicians and artists that innovate and create look back to the Punk Rock era as a time that catapulted them into the scene. Everything the punk rock bands did they did themselves, little 5x7 flyers, were passed out to all the kids at school, their shows were typically in a basement of a rundown business, their recordings were from Radio Shack 4 channel consoles, and the shows were attend at your own risk.

Turnstile Show in Harrisburg, PA by Michael Accorsi

I have never really been that into the music itself. Playing guitar since I was 5-6 I always gravitated to some strong musicality structure in songs. Some had those elements (Turnstile definitely does), but the furiousness of most of the songs then didn't allow for much musically.