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Red Truck Music Sessions

We are currently producing films of performances in amazing places (music and record stores, old buildings, and on the streets). We are focusing on independent emerging artists who are also working to cultivate music in their communities, cities and towns.

During the lockdowns of 2020, I enjoyed the solitude and privacy. Deep down in my soul of souls though was a growing pit of emptiness -> missing live music. After two years writing and editing, we are grabbing cameras and filming with musicians across the East Coast.

There is a wave of emerging musicians (almost a post-COVID Renaissance) that has restored my faith in the musical tastes of this younger generation.

Capturing The Quiet Riders covering Bobby Charles’ I Must be in a Good Place Now is why we started starting filming musicians. I went to a show to test my new camera, just shot with Andy Mowatt and next thing I see is this band The Quiet Riders weaving classic funk, soul, jam sessions into their own thing up on stage.

Bobby Charles stated when he was 14, he heard a Fats Domino record and “my life was changed forever.” Bobby Charles writes See You Later Alligator, I Don’t Know Why But I Do, and inevitably It Keeps Raining for Fats Domino.

There’s divine magic in music man, and this trail of inspiration gives credence to how it affects and moves us.

Sit back enjoy this guys playing Charles’ I Must Be in a Good Place Now. Check out this bands’ new album you’ll hear a lot of influences, they are fun to listen to, and playing inspired.

Stay tuned as we are shooting live shows, some private performances in some super cool locations. Some of the rough cuts are posted up on Youtube already. @accorsistudios - Subscribe and check it out.

Even more - get out to some live shows - support and buy some shirts at your local show!


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