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Our friends at PINit TV contacted us to partner with them to create a web channel that focuses on extreme sports and racing. During the meeting we created the concept of highly interactive video content to engage their audience on social media platforms.

In creating a logo for PINit TV, we created the visual concept of a redlining tachometer. With the company name prominently featured, it would make for noticeable and clear logo that would connotate the excitement and adrenaline packed feel of racing.

We built PINit TV a clean and easy to use website on Wordpress, and started to work with their marketing team to design an infrastructure to solicit sponsors on their videos for additional income.

It's a lot of fun working with a group of talented filmmakers who's tagline is "PINit TV is Badass TV" and "Our films are delicious" on the t-shirt. Our relationship evolves with our clients to a deeper and more valuable level than most business to business relationships. Even as we write this explanation in our case study, we're proud and enthusiastic to see our work serve as infrastructure for reaching new heights for company.

Here's the promotional video we created for PINit!

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