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Granada Tigers Screenplay

A tight knit band of Italian boys venture off into a world of adventure and mischief. Their explorations result in a clash with a group of rural boys who are fiercely determined to make their lives hell. When the boys refuse to back down, the results spark an unexpected string of events.

Granada Tigers is the Part Two of a trilogy series shaped around this fantastic group of boys. Based on an old photograph that was taken in the 1950s - this film is rooted in realistic events.

I wrote this script during the pandemic which ends up being a perfect project to work on while being locked down in solitude and fear. Due to the fact that actors and shooting were impossible to come by during 2020, especially featuring minors who are embroiled in mischief and violence, I created a sizzle reel that encapsulates the story arch of this script.

If you would like to learn more about the film, read through the Lookbook for The Granada Tigers.


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