California Marine Life

New upstart non-profit agency California Marine Life's organizational strategy outcomes.

As a new upstart, California Marine Life is just getting off the ground. In our first strategy meeting, we uncovered the inspiring mission of their organization. "An educated and inspired population can evoke positive change for our ocean's animal life."

California Marine Life's landing page

From this point, in addition to fund raising and cultivating awareness, California Marine Life will be offering 4 annual courses to teach, educate, and work with students to reach this mission.

Strategy work session notes

Our goal was to streamline the multiple facets of this organization: fund-raising, education, legislative advocacy, public awareness, and results to protect these animals.

We created a clean, organized, and informative website for the non-profit. Including a detailed web infrastructure to appeal to a diverse fund raising market.

These are inspiring moments as we see leaders building organizations based on their passion and conviction. Candidly, strategy meetings are not designed to be a cake walk. From years of experience, we created these initial sessions to push for motives, uncover creative difference of opinion, and perhaps even improve a structural plan a company had planned, in the privacy of a focused meeting before going live.

The results? Our designers and artists are committed and focused to cut through the forest facing young upstarts and give them a cue card for success.

Strategy Results Card for California Marine Life


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