5 Worst Social Media Marketing Mistakes of 2019

It's only March and being busy is great for business, but if you are making any of these 5 mistakes, Stop, Drop, and Roll. Start deleting and fix these issues. Call us if you need help - this is our expertise. To the list!

5. Lipstick marks AND finger prints on the wine glass for a well-known Napa winery.

If we had a dollar for each client where we say, “they have a great product, but the presentation and the quality of their social media is poor," we'd be sledding in hills of bills.

The examples we had this year were caused by 1) an over involved owner who lacks an understanding of design and style. 2) "Let the young hip kid do it" A lot of small, family-run businesses look to their younger employees to help with social media thinking they have a better understanding. Mistake! They do, but they can't differentiate well between “social” media and business marketing posts. Would you have them sell face to face to a high-end, very wealthy client? Train them, give them examples to follow, and oversee what they post.

4. Bad, bad video. This client hired someone to shoot the video. The owners were mic’d at their restaurant and the video angle was very low (knee high) and shot the video too close, you literally looked up their noses. To make the video worse, they were trying to say a nice heartfelt message “we take the highest degree of care to ensure our food…” and there were obnoxious drunk people engulfing the audio in the background. Just reeked in poor taste.

Low angle shot example

3. Bad Lighting. Lighting is the element that distinguishes an experienced person from an amateur. We will write up a post on how to use Scopes in software to ensure your images are not under or overexposed. If they’re underexposed, that’s fixable, overexposed images, have to be deleted. There’s a lot we can say here, but it’s pretty technical. Soften your light (diffusers, filters, shades, sheets, paper) anything!

Hard lighting (left), Diffused lighting (right)

And if you can shoot at the Golden Hours (sunrise, or in California sunset is so nice…shoot at Sunset and it’s naturally soft and golden).

2. No call to action. “We aren’t getting more followers, people aren’t coming to our website!” The first thing we do is look at the prompts in your messaging. People are pretty obvious. If you ask us Click to Read more, Enroll to receive your newsletter, Leave Comments, Likes, Subscribes, etc.. we will. Be clear about what your purpose is. This should be a rule in every webpage, every social media post and change them up. There’s only one catch. People will only sign up, click, keep reading, IF there is something of value. Our time is valuable, offer something worth reading.

1. No hashtags! Ugh this one is angering. You have tools, Twitter and Instagram where the hashtag is a frequency. For example the hashtag “California” currently has 69 million posts attributed to the word California. If I post my message without that hashtag only my followers (850+) will see them. If I add California millions will. If I add more hashtags…. it will compound and will vary the audience.

(Add related hashtags: #photography #food #cooking #winetasting #video, etc. The objective is to bring new people to your brand, to your business or page… widen your reach it’s free, and easy.

Some helpful tips:

  • We write up a list of hashtags organized by topic with all the potential #’s underneath: wineries, photography, motorcycles, film, restaurants, etc. Then just copy and paste. Don’t overdo it, but please, please, please, hashtag your posts.

  • Remember to interact with people, ask questions, be genuinely interested. Ask customers to tag and link you and repost and thank them. There’s a lot more, but it’s only March and we are seeing a lot of corrections people can make to greatly improve their social media marketing.

  • “Thanks, but I don’t have time for this.” If you’re thinking this right now, please keep reading. Yes, you must make time for this. iPhones are now recording our screen time. It’s pretty amazing how many days we are spending on our phones. What are people doing? Looking at social media, scrolling all dazed and confused. Well, imagine that screen time number multiplied by all the people in your county and remote area. You can reach them, appeal to them, and create the desire for your product.

Lastly, what’s an article without a business plug. If you’re doing this in-house, if your metrics are showing slow growth. Just stop and call us. 408-337-2468. We will assess your accounts, website metrics, then shoot some video and photography that will move traffic in a positive direction. If you feel too busy to deal with all this, then give us a call. Frankly, it isn't an expense. Advertising and demarcating your brand is essential to your business success. We do this everyday and mostly help businesses that struggle with it, so we create a nice plan for your company.

You have great products, let your marketing shine!

The goal is to get where your social media and your business branding are in synchrony. If you have a sensationally created product, your posts must resonate with the same quality. Give us a call, subscribe to our newsletter for more business advice, and follow us online.

Create and build great things!



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