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Representing over 200 years of ancestral recipes passed down in my grandmother’s family from Pitigliano, Italy, Pieno di Grazia (Full of Grace) is far more than a collection of recipes. 


Pieno di Grazia is rooted in the philosophy of Carlo Petrini founder of the Slow Food Movement in Tuscany and the Accademia Italiana della Cucina to preserve Italian gastronomy and cooking traditions in the “madness of the Fast Life”. 


It’s a lonely endeavor to work to spend my adult life practicing these recipes, but by far gives the most beauty and happiness to my life.  Italian cuisine originates in the home kitchen, circles around annual traditions and holidays, and is meant to be the root from which our culture grows.

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Standing at four foot three, lovely grandmother, “Nanny” came to the United States from Pitigliano, Italy at three years old and sustained her Italian culture with many other Italians from the same region in Hershey’s kitchens. 


I long for the days of sitting around the table full of laughter and homemade meals.  Reminiscing these memories warms my heart as her meals transported us to an indescribable place.


These traditions in the kitchen were passed down from her mother and grandmother.  From a time when ingredients were sparse, most would have come from your garden or local market.

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