We are currently writing and in pre-production on a film short celebrating the 100-year history of Italian-Americans in Hershey, Pennsylvania.  


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Accorsi Studios was founded in 2009 by Michael Accorsi, artist, designer, and filmmaker.  We have rooted our company with clients driven by competitiveness, in-house productions that keep us inspired, and lofty aspirations to expand and grow. 

We are deeply invested in the success of the businesses we align with and have the tools and experience to build anything you can imagine.  From graphic design for branding or products, social media campaigns that move traffic, to our passion - film that puts your audience on the edge of their seat.  

We believe everything we create should be simple, bold, and meaningful.  

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Accorsi Studios is a premier professional film and graphic design company with offices in New York and California.  We specialized in corporate branding, advertising, social media, marketing, graphic design, prints, merchandise, film, filmography, cinematic, video production, and editing.  We also create fine art work in oil, watercolor, sketch, and other mixed media.  We have worked with a number of recognized clients in the corporate world, focusing on food, kitchen, chef, motorsports, racing, events, music, content to bolster your marketing strategies.  Hershey, Pennsylvania, breweries, restaurants, wineries, businesses, branding.