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Medical Professionals Photography Project 
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We are creating a photography project documenting the medical professionals in Central Pennsylvania.  

If you are interested in participating, please complete this confidential interest form.  

The photographs provided on this page are samples from Dr. Daniel DeJong of Assencion Via St. Francis Hospital Wichita, Kansas.  To learn more read this article.  

Photo by Dr. Daniel DeJong  courtesy of The Witchita Eagle

Aim of this Project

Our aim for this project is to capture portraits of medical professionals immediately after their shifts. 

Since we are currently at the conceptual stage of planning this project we are simply looking for interested medical professionals who are willing to participate. 

We are exploring avenues to raise and obtain funding to help support the participants in this project.  If you are interested in making a contribution or providing financial assistance please contact us directly.  

Additionally, we finished project would entail publishing the photographs with a major publication and/or book.

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Photo by Dr. Daniel DeJong  courtesy of The Witchita Eagle

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Photo by Dr. Daniel DeJong  courtesy of The Witchita Eagle

Project Inspiration

Our interest is rooted in the incredible weight and pain we feel (as artists) witnessing nurses, doctors, (everyone in the medical profession) struggle with this current phase of the pandemic. 

"Just this week, I stayed for half my shift with a dying 54-year old man who was just taken off the ventilator and had a short time left to live.  When I went to the waiting room to bring his wife back to his bed, she refused to put on a mask.  This shook me to my core.  She refused to say goodbye to her husband over a mask!.  So I stayed and did the best I could.  But, I haven't been able to get this out of my mind.  How do I go through another year like this?"


                                                   - Kelly, nurse, Central PA 

There is a power in quiet black and white photographs.  They prompt viewers to reflect; hopefully empathize, question and uplift those who are carrying this burden.  


The ONLY way we get through this will be together.  Thank you for reading, and your consideration.  


We will post developments as they happen on this page and our Instagram page.  

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