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In the spring of 1952, a tight-knit group of Italian boys unites to withstand the torment inflicted by a relentless gang of rural boys. When the boys investigate a string of mysterious events in their neighborhood, they stumble upon a realm far more sinister than they ever imagined.

Based on a group of young boys in Central Pennsylvania, the Granada Tigers is a full-feature film series (3 Parts) featuring the adventures of a group of young boys whose explorations lead to frequent confrontations their firecrackers and slingshots aren't equipped to handle.  


About the Filmmaker

Michael is owner and creator of Accorsi Studios, currently working in Hershey, Pennsylvania.  Founded in 2009, Accorsi Studios produces independent and commercial film and design projects.


Michael’s short film Pronio's: A Cornerstone of Hershey History was recently released Summer 2023.  Celebrating the 100-year history of the Italian-American history in Hershey, Pennsylvania, he produced Gioia e Solidarieta’ (Joy and Togetherness) which won best short film at the 2021 Venus International Film Festival and was showcased at The Hershey Story Museum.  Michael served as the onset stills photographer as well as a brief acting role for film Life After You.  He is current publishing a cookbook chronicling his grandmother Mary's recipes, titled Pieno di Grazia (Full of Grace).


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