In celebration of the rich 100-year history and legacy of Italian-Americans in Hershey, Pennsylvania, filmmaker Michael Accorsi produced a short tribute piece to commemorate this historic milestone.   

Combing through miles of family films, Hershey, Gioia e Solideritá (Joy and Togetherness) has taken over 18 months to edit and produce.  The result is a story of a resilient and vibrant community that has helped shape the history of Hershey, Pennsylvania. 

Running Time approx. 20 mins. 

Where can I watch the film?  

The film is still in post-production (colorizing and sound editing).  Once the film is finished, we will be privately screening the film to test in front of live audiences.  The film has also been submitted to  film festivals.  After the results of the festivals, the film will be made available for streaming online and possibly local theaters and larger locations.  

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About the Filmmaker

Filmmaker Michael Accorsi produces cinematic films as owner of Accorsi Studios.  Michael's great grandparents: Joseph Nardi and Gusipena Nardi (Fastelli) and Robert Accorsi and Marie Accorsi (Pini)

emigrated to the United States in 1914 and settled in Hershey along with many Italians to build a new life. 



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