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We are a complete in-house multimedia firm with over 20 years of creative production and marketing experience in large markets. With resources from New York to California, we have the capability to manage any project within the U.S. and internationally. 

We create and personally manage our film projects, from storyboarding, shooting, post-production to distribution.  We provide professional photography services for events, product showcases, and social media releases. Our full-time Marketing Department can help design your latest campaign and provide support in any capacity. 


Driven by technological advancement, rooted in tradition, Accorsi Studios firmly believes in partnering with clients with a commitment to the highest standard of quality and performance.  

Call us to discuss your latest project.

We are currently writing and in pre-production on a film project documentary the 100-year history of Italian-Americans in Hershey, Pennsylvania.  We are soliciting relevant film, photographs, and artifacts in Hershey, click the button above for more information.  Visit the film Facebook page and subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the loop on this film project.  


Accorsi Studios is a premier professional film and graphic design company with offices in New York and California.  We specialized in corporate branding, advertising, social media, marketing, graphic design, prints, merchandise, film, filmography, cinematic, video production, and editing.  We also create fine art work in oil, watercolor, sketch, and other mixed media.  We have worked with a number of recognized clients in the corporate world, focusing on food, kitchen, chef, motorsports, racing, events, music, content to bolster your marketing strategies.  Hershey, Pennsylvania, breweries, restaurants, wineries, businesses, branding.  

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